How to reserver Dion's Guest House

Room prices in our guest house do vary. Please contact us for details of prices. All Reservations include Bed and Breakfast basic. Evening meals are optional and must be ordered in the morning of the same day.

For rooms availability, reservation or for further information, please contact us using our online contact form or below mentioned direct contact details., we have wonderful and friendly guest relation team who speak fluent English to help throughout your stay in Sri Lanka.

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It was the 12th century renowned explorer Marco Polo who wrote excelling Sri Lanka as the finest Island nation in the world. It had been a great tourist destination particularly for European travellers for centuries. Sri Lanka is an authentic tourist destination, an Island nation, tourists can travel length and breadth of the country in days and diversity of the tourism industry make Sri Lanka an iconic destination for most travellers.

As proud Sri Lankans, at Dion's Guest house we have setup travel & tour packages for the guests to experience the essence of our beautiful Island nation what is very unique such as its people, art and culture, heritage and history, spices, gems, handy crafts etc.

In our packages, we have tried to cover the mostly visited attractions, including beaches, cultural heritage sites, wildlife and nature, sports and adventure.

Our travel & tour packages arranged as 1 Day or 2 Day Packages. But we offer guests the privilege of selecting any interested locations in their itinerary and accompany them to desired attractions with customized tour packages..

Here are some of the planned tour packages that we offer:

1 day packages

2 day packages

city tour

boat trips